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Given the current costs of energy, the air conditioning of houses, industrial buildings or buildings is a very important aspect in the maintenance of real estate. With the conventional glasses, more heat energy is received, thus increasing the air conditioning costs since the air conditioning equipment starts to work in excess to achieve an optimum temperature. In the ceilings and walls the solar heat is absorbed and radiated towards the interiors increasing the temperature.

cero calor apliación pared

Servicios Estratégicos Titán, S.A. de C.V. has the technology of solar control through two product lines that based on refraction, hygroscopy, emittance and redirection of solar radiation manage to avoid heating.

The heat dissipation coating Cero Calor is a paste that is applied as a paint, it is composed of highly dehydrated materials and hygroscopic salts, which when acting together capture the humidity that exists in the environment and with the circulating air eliminate the heat concentrated on the surfaces

The Cero Calor treatment is a new technology that by its chemical processes minimize the effects of solar radiation that can be deposited on any surface such as acetates, glass, plastic and polycarbonate among others.

The semiconductors deposited in the walls of the translucent materials are the physical mechanism through which the excess heat energy inside a room is avoided and at the same time the consumption in air conditioning is reduced.

This product is ideal to apply on roofs of industrial buildings, silos, ducts, containers and pipes and any surface that generates heat problems exposed to solar radiation.