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cero calor logo White paste that can reduce the temperatures of the surfaces where it is applied up to 77 ℉   in very hot areas

Welcome to the technology of comfortable temperatures without the use of electrical energy

We offer technological innovation to maintain environments with comfortable temperatures inside industrial buildings or structures that overheat by solar radiation through our brand Cero Calor logo cero calor.

To keep the interior of the building cool, it is necessary to stop the heat before entering, this is achieved by using our heat dissipating coating that protects and prevents overheating of the surfaces where it is applied.

Avoid or reduce the use of cooling equipment such as air conditioning, washing air, extractors and fans reducing your expenses for electricity consumption.

100% ecological non-polluting coatings

Quality and guarantee in all our services.

Advantages and benefits Technology to check results

Case of success

See our case of success in Yakult

What is Cero Calor logo cero calor?

Cero Calor it is a concept that offers solutions to heat problems produced by solar radiation in a passive way, that is, avoiding the use of energy to modify the excesses of temperature and thereby obtain an energy saving avoiding costs and expenses after its implementation, In this way, two technological solutions with the brand Cero Calor are presented..

Heat sinks

The dissipative coatings CeroCalor logo cero calor they are made with highly calcined soils and hygroscopic salts and from them a light paste is obtained that is applied with air-less equipment on roofs and walls exposed to solar radiation, this material, due to its hygroscopic characteristic, takes a part of the humidity from the environment and dissipates the excess heat at the ambient temperature of the surfaces where it is applied, unlike traditional insulators, dissipates heat and reflects it, that is, does not allow them to heat up and achieves cooling at least at room temperature. ceilings and walls , with this you get an energy saving by the use of air conditioning between 15 and 45% depending on the indoor conditions such as equipment, lighting, ventilation, etc., or where appropriate the orientation of the construction.

CeroCalor logo cero calor It is manufactured in intense white color to reflect more heat frequencies and UV rays. Achieving dissipation on surfaces where it was applied at least 25 degrees Celsius at the time of heat.

The materials CeroCalor logo cero calor besides being an excellent solution to heat by passive means, they save energy and their specifications and characteristics as well as their guarantee make them the best investment to improve environmental comfort.



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