Dissipative coating Cero Calor

How does it work?

The heat dissipative coating is composed of highly calcined and dehydrated materials that together with reflective and binding materials, a light paste is obtained that prevents overheating of the surface where it is applied.

Action mechanisms
  • Hygroscopy
  • Reflectance
  • Refractance
  • Emittance

Advantages of using these mechanisms of action


  • The ability of a substance to absorb or transfer moisture to the environment.
  • Our exclusive formula absorbs moisture between 7 and 10% of its weight.
  • It evaporates due to the incidence of solar rays.
  • • Together with the action of the surrounding wind, the temperature of the surface decreases and cools it and prevents it from heating up.
  • Measurement in percentage of the radiant energy or radiant flux that is reflected, transmitted or absorbed by a material or by a surface
  • • It contains hygroscopic salts that take humidity from the air in a percentage, and this favors a great dissipation of the heat on the surface where it is applied (more than 25 ° C in the moments of more heat) combined with this it has an intense white color with a albedo greater than 94%
  • • Reflecting without heating, the entire spectrum of solar radiation including infrared and harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Characteristic of some materials to divert light or solar radiation.
  • Ability to detach from heat.

Types of surfaces where it can be applied

Concrete, polyurethane, galvanized sheet and black sheet, asbestos, fiberglass, polycarbonate, acrylic, glass, tanks, ducts, silos, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

What benefits are achieved when applying it?

Lower the temperature, decrease the mechanical movements of the treated surfaces.

In sheet roofs, the temperature drops considerably, at least 15 ° C and the effect of heat transfer to the interior of the building decreases. On the other hand, something very important is the blocking of oxidation, prolonging the life of the sheets longer.

Evaluation of results

Examples in sheets: the result is immediate after applied and dry the product. In pottery after 72 hours. All this information is based on the result of laboratory tests, carried out for a long time. They are accurate and reliable

It is NOT waterproofing It is NOT a waterproofing and is manufactured only in white, this is because together with the charges, the white color strengthens the reflection of the sun's rays and is more efficient.