Success story in the company DIAC S.A. de C.V. Yakult

Application report

General data

Client : DIAC S.A. de C.V. Agencia YAKULT de Oaxaca

Location: Sn. Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Oax.

Project Type: Waterproofing and application of heat sink on roof

Date of execution: July 6, 2016

General conditions: Waterproofing works were carried out on the roof of an industrial warehouse with an approximate area of ​​1690 square meters sealing all the joints of the sheets, as well as the overlaps of the same and the screws that presented leaks, the translucent sheets were also sealed and in general terms the roofing is in good mechanical condition. The CEROCALOR dissipative coating was applied on the roof to reduce the thermal load of the same and with this to reduce the excessive heat to the interior of the ship with the following results:

Average room temperature 28°C - 31°C Without heat sink With heat sink
Temperature on the roof 55°C - 60°C 32°C - 35°C
Roof temperature inside 55°C - 60°C 32°C - 35°C
Room temperature inside 41°C 28°C

Roof cleaning and waterproofing

Application of heat sink and temperature control

Before 41 degrees.
After 32 degrees.

Temperature record

Before 41 degrees.
After 32 degrees.

Graph of results

Graph of the behavior of the heat inside the ship where you can see a decrease in the thermal load of 10 ° C to 12 ° C in averages


Maintenance was given to the roof that was found in good mechanical conditions sealing water leaks and applying the dissipative coating Cero Calor to reduce the interior temperature that reached more than 41 ° C, achieving temperatures more comfortable to the interior in the order of 28 - 32 ° C

Final score

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