¡The heat must be stopped before it enters!

Characteristics of the dissipative coating Cero Calor logo cero calor

  • The heat sink is a white paste 6 and 7” which is applied as reflective and hygroscopic paint.
  • It is a heat sink designed to reduce the temperature of surfaces exposed to solar radiation.
  • It is placed on metal sheet, galvanized sheet, concrete, fiberglass, polycarbonate, glass, plastic and on the walls.
  • It is applied with the Air less spray equipment for large extensions, better finish and speed in its application.
  • They are more reflective than elastomeric waterproofing.
  • Maintain surface temperature equal to or lower than room temperature, depending on relative humidity
  • Stops oxidation in the sheets because it contains an oxide inhibitor
  • Reduces the thermal shock suffered by materials (waterproofing) exposed to solar radiation.
  • It is not flammable like polyurethane and does not require maintenance.
  • New technology product
  • It self-cleans
  • Realization of a study to know where the real sources of heat are
  • Reduces dilation and contraction due to sudden temperature changes in roofs
  • Reduce A / C power bills from 20% to 40%
  • Reduce the working time of A / C compressors
  • Reduces the cost in maintaining your ceilings
  • Improves optimal environmental conditions of work
  • 100% ecological, it does not harm the personnel that apply it, nor the environment.
  • Guaranteed Product 4 years.
  • It considerably improves the performance of insulators and waterproofing on metal or concrete surfaces that count on it.
  • It allows the installation of small and more efficient air conditioning equipment which increases the useful life of these and provides substantial savings.
  • It guarantees a decrease in the temperature of the roofing sheets, remaining between 16 ° C and 30 ° C at least at the moment of the most heat, considerably reducing the temperature inside (from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius).
  • Delivery of a report and graphs of the heat behavior before and after the application. Supervision and accompaniment during the first three years.
  • Help to comply with the norm NOM-059(COFEPRIS) in its 2015 version, which came into force as of August 2016.
Good Storage and Distribution Practices. 16.6.3 Control and / or monitoring of temperature and environment
  • It helps to be a socially responsible company, that is: economically competitive, that has social and environmental concerns in its commercial operations, that respects the human rights of its workers, providing them with dignified work conditions, that favor their safety and their professional development and that establish successful relationships with the state through national and international organizations, incorporating civil society to seek overcoming poverty
  • Another Application: trucks that transport meat or medicines and that do not have refrigeration equipment, managing to maintain cool environments
  • In translucent sheets, it helps not to let infrared and ultraviolet rays pass at 100%, but allows 80% visible light to pass
  • Investment of $ 0.10 per M2.

To make the application of the dissipative coating, we locate the heat sources first, then we instrumented the ship with data-loggers and finally we deliver a report of the behavior of the temperature before and after applying the dissipator.