Servicios Estrategicos TITAN S.A de C.V

It is constituted in the year 2000 as a company dedicated to several branches of the industry, venturing between them to the construction, successfully, and expanded our activities to the control of heat inside industrial buildings or any structure that is overheated by solar radiation.

We offer technological innovation in each of our products, through our brand Cero Calor logo cerocalor together with it we have specialized personnel in each of the branches of industry in which we participate.

That is why our main mission is: To provide integral solutions in the heat dissipation, in all the surfaces exposed to the sun, within the vision of: Being the leaders in the market in matter of reduction of heat in surfaces exposed to radiation Solar.

Our mission

Provide integral solutions in the reduction of heat produced by solar radiation,, ainside buildings or architectural envelopes, without using any energy consumption.

Our vision

To be leaders in the market of heat reduction, in surfaces exposed to solar radiation offering to innovate with new products and services.

Our values

Professionalism and seriousness

We work in a serious and reliable way to keep the client involved and timely informed of the work done.

Efficiency and Opportunity

We take care of doing things well, at the first time and at the times agreed with the client.

Leadership and innovation

It is the engine of our continuous learning, in order to always be the first in our field, looking for positive answers to the difficult and having as premise the innovation of our services.